Strength Approach ‘Legacy 96-21’ tshirt

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Image of Strength Approach ‘Legacy 96-21’ tshirt

This is our final gift for 25 years of music and friendship around the world.It’s in the preorder status and we’ll give it a shout even if this was meant just for the Strength Approach family only.

Time is up!It’s been a long long road since that day back in 1996 when we traded an ordinary life for a dream and sometimes dreams come.
Countless records,friends who became family,solid bonds made touring the world defined us as persons and our good share of blood,sweat and tears thorugh the years left a mark in what we called home for so long.
We all grew up deep rooted in the underground and the state of things nowadays brought us here to say goodbye with no compromise because we never faked it and we never will.Are we done with hardcore?How can you be done with it?You can lose faith every once in a while but it is what it is and these things will never change who we are and someway the legacy will live on.See you around kids!