Strength Approach 'Over the edge' cd


Image of Strength Approach 'Over the edge' cd

Year 2016 marks the 20th anniversary for Strength Approach, and to give you a reminder of what they've been doing around the world for the last two decades the band went back into the Hell Smell Studios in Roma, once again with producer Brian "Mitts" Daniels (Madball), to bring you "Over The Edge", a brand new full length packed with nothing but hardcore bangers.

From title track "Over The Edge" to their "Farewell" song, the band brings you the product of 20 years living and breathing hardcore. The result is a straight-up hardcore record, which also features friends Martijn Van Den Heuvel (No Turning Back) and Mad Joe (Wisdom In Chains).

"Over The Edge" is the living proof that the price they paid is nothing compared to what they've gained.

1. Over The Edge
2. Against The Grain (feat. Martijn Van Den Heuvel)
3. Reap What You Sow
4. Trust
5. Silence Is Betrayal
6. Can't Break Me
7. Fight The Good Fight
8. True Spirit
9. Believe
10. Reality Slap
11. The Price To Pay (feat. Mad Joe)
12. Hit And Run
13. Farewell